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Scoring methodology

Our approach to evaluating help desk software

There are so many factors that go into evaluating a help desk software. That’s because even two companies working in the same field are unique. The approaches each company takes and the goals they want to reach identify the feature list of the help desk.

We aim to simplify the process of choosing a help desk for your company by focusing on the core. Therefore, our reviews are done following 6 key criteria:

  • Overall possibilities

    25% of total score

  • Pricing

    20% of total score

  • Ease of implementation

    15% of total score

  • Scalability

    15% of total score

  • Accessibility

    15% of total score

  • Customization

    10% of total score

What each metric means

Overall possibilities

Simply put, any help desk is supposed to help you do one thing - track and resolve customer queries. But except for the basic functionality, there has to be a list of additional features that allow efficiently dealing with tickets.


Help desk software can be quite pricey. Investing in high-quality customers service, including the software part, will definitely pay off. However, the possibilities of every company are different. Therefore, we pay attention to the selection of pricing plans that each vendor offers. As well as study the value for money factor.

Ease of implementation

Each review has a “How to get started with N?” Some help desk platforms are easier to set up and use. Other require an implementation consultant which might cost extra money. Analyzing the platform, we pay attention to the resources it takes to install and train agents to use the new software.


Businesses grow, gain more customers and launch new products. The software shouldn't limit this growth. On the contrary, it should offer options to upgrade any time you feel like you need a more robust solution. So, we evaluate how easy it is to upgrade the platform as your needs change. Be it purchasing a more expensive subscription or integrating more tools.


Accessibility goes far beyond the channels your customers use to reach out to you. Agents also use the software and should have options to stay-up-to-date when they’re out of office. Our reviews include the channels each help desk offer as well as the devices it supports.


Our score takes into account the possibilities of the help desk to customize the agent and customer experience. This includes creating a custom logos of the help center, integrations and language support.

What else helps us write thorough reviews

Other than scanning the information presented on websites, social networks and other online resources we also test the software ourselves. That way we get a better understanding of how some features work as well as evaluate the overall usability.

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