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Kayako offers cloud and on-premise solutions to 50 000 organizations around the world. The company bests competitors at putting all the merry bunch of chat, ticketing system, email, calls, and even the self-service support in one place. While organizing unnecessary stuff they make a go for enabling stellar services without a hustle. Here, we refer to automating routines to create space for sophisticated things.

About Kayako

One of Kayako’s merits is the full spectrum of analytical tools giving a possibility to track the metrics that are usually hard to spot. The great possibilities for vast e-commerce integrations and customization make it easy for your business to migrate to Kayako and grow.

Agents who like to stay productive on-the-go will benefit from Kayako’s apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. Unlike other mobile versions of help desks, the Kayako app doesn’t pick up the slack but offers the best, off-the-shelf full-stack features.

Kayako Benefits

There is no such thing as a perfect help-desk for everyone. Customers tend to prefer certain features over others. Yet, there are things that each support team would like to have, and these are the benefits Kayako offers to its customers.


Every customer support specialist has experienced this way too often: a customer has some needs, but you don’t know how to put them into the system. Your conversation has a limited time-span, and as you can’t tackle all preferences. As the air gets heavy with a missed opportunity, the communication spirit fades. With Kayako it’s different. They allow every user to make their way to the app that best suits their needs. You can adjust all chat forms, customer profiles, and ticketing. As for customer profiles, you can add specific fields at the moment you create an app. That means an endless possibility to spot, grasp and translate your customer thoughts and dreams into a trackable digital footprint.

Customizing the default Kayako settings

You can add brands, customize templates and add custom fields to improve interactions with your customers.

Bonus: automatic ticket routing through different channels. In reality, it looks like a customer sends a Twitter reminder to a question earlier escalated by phone. Kayako makes it sure the ticket gets to the right agent with multichannel conversations connected.

Customer engagement

Live communication opens ways for learning unheard-of things about customer preferences and also leaves the door open for a drastic failure if something goes wrong. Customer engagement through different channels and streamlining of services makes Kayako a love-winning help-desk. An agent can see all customer history without cat-and-mousing and give the needed info in real-time. This creates unprecedented ease of building a stronger relationship.

The history of customer's interaction with the agent

A visual representation of how Kayako captures customer interactions. Source: Kayako

Advanced reporting

Lack of information may sabotage your success. Kayako creates more than 100 reports for tracking performance deadlines, customer satisfaction and many more. It’s not just about following the performance, but also using Kayako Query language to measure your relevant metrics. Checking trends has never been so easy.

Conversations report in Kayako

A report that shows statistics on Conversations


Atomization blocks out the nasty bits and pieces of the repetitive issues. The support agents have a handful of ready-made solutions for routines and thus, they unleash time to process sophisticated high-end problems of customers with the proficiency of Jedi.

Automation rules in Kayako

Ways you can streamline the support workflow in Kayako.


The help center in Kayako is pretty easy to work with. Both on the agent and customer side. It doesn't take a lot of effort to add new sections and articles. The interface is very friendly and allows dealing with large amounts of content. Another great thing about the help center in Kayako is that you can customize the look and feel of it. You can apply some minor changes like upload your logo, change the favicon and colours. Or you can go full ham and customize the look using CSS.

Kayako Help Center Customization

Changing the settings of your help center. Log into Kayako, open the help center and click the Customization button to view this menu.


  • SLA management;
  • top-notch self-service with customizable self-service page;
  • group access to tickets;
  • visualization of customer journey and interactions;
  • providing content for all customer interactions in the user-friendly interface;
  • customizable, easy to integrate live chat ready for iOS and Android;
  • email backing of unread chat messages;
  • single view on conversations, as customers use different channels, including social media;
  • the shared inbox of auto-assigning of routine tasks;
  • collision-detection;
  • canned responses;
  • advanced ticketing;
  • deadline management;
  • custom fields;
  • advanced workflow;
  • multi-language support of the knowledge base;
  • internal and external help center;
  • rich-text formatting;
  • custom reports from Kayako Query.


Technical Details

Devices Supported: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Language Support: English, German, Hindi, Spanish, French

Pricing Model: free, monthly payment, quote-based,

Customer Types: small business, large enterprises, medium business

Deployment: cloud-hosted, on-premise

Kayako Integrations

Kayako integrations

The ability to integrate with hundreds of apps and what is more important, with the custom-made ones, brings Kayako to the top charts of software-recommendation services like Software Advice, Capterra G2 Crowd or Gartner.

Why do people care about integration that much? As Kayako say on their website, it helps to not only save time but let customers use the apps they’re used to when implementing Kayako into their business environment.

The integration with Zappier, an intra-platform matchmaker, means that all you need is to choose an app, you want to integrate with, the rest is done automatically.

The 10 top popular integrations Kayako offers are Shopify, Google Sheets, Slack, Jira, Stripe, Gmail, Trello, Pushover and many more, not to mention Salesforce.

Kayako calls themselves “A platform to grow with,” and that is because their open API makes any development process fun and ease. They share free access to developer docs and have a bright community founded together with Kayako experts, developers and integration partners. By joining this, you gain new powers to make your services even better.

Although, even the best have their slightest flaws. For example, Kayako doesn’t integrate with HubSpot Marketing.

Awards and Certificates

While some people measure success in ratings and points, Kayako has also started a journey of collecting awards. Kayako is a winner of FinanceOnline Expert’s Choice Award for delivering customer service in a powerful, seamless, and scalable way. According to Financeonline.com, it’s been trusted by over 50 000 organizations all over the world.

Since online environment tends to get more and more regulated, it is very important for companies to run transparent business ready to comply fast with the slightest law change. Kayako develops services in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other legal norms.


Kayako breaks their services into three price plans depending on the size of the team: Inbox, Growth, and Scale.

  • The Inbox plan includes services like live chat, email, and social, essential help center, mobile SDK, integrations with Zappier, collision prevention, assignment rules, insights, reply-only macros. It comes at the price of $15 per agent monthly.
  • The Growth plan is great for the teams that are small but growing and includes all the superior listed services plus some handy add-ons. The latter include important automation rules, custom views, fields and forms, custom reporting, multi-brand and multi-language features, advanced help center customization, organization profiles. The plan costs 30$ a month per agent.
  • The Scale plan adds advanced workflow customization, internal help center feature, shared organizations, custom security policies, custom roles and permissions, salesforce integration. The cost is $60 a month per person.

The Enterprise plan, available for enterprises, which require customization of the help desk and customer support software. The plan’s cost is $100 per agent.

How to get started with Kayako?

Kayako has a great feature in their interface which is called “Take a Tour.” If you opt for it, you’ll get a great user lesson explicitly explaining the main properties and the structure of the service including instructions on agent area, admin area, and Help Center.

In the Welcome tab, there are also basic steps you need to take to start using Kayako.

Setting up Kayako

The steps Kayako finds essential to help you get started

At first, you need to set up an email for receiving and answering customer questions. Then, Kayako offers linking your social accounts to capture requests from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Then, you need to enable Kayako Messenger so your customers can contact you via live chat. And last but not least, invite the rest of the gang.

Depending on your subscription there will be a certain number of agent accounts allowed. At the first stage, you’ll have to add user accounts for the staff, and if the number of accounts doesn’t suffice, you can create extra ones at additional cost.

After setting all the conversation channels, you can start actually using the broad possibilities of Kayako in everyday work. Your team will be happy to use the unified timeline of customer interactions and a powerful toolbar for replying, assigning and categorizing conversations.

Now it’s time to customize the software to suit the team’s needs better.

As your team experience of user cases grows, you can start filling your Help Center. The content management tools of Kayako help you edit and organize the content without leaving the Help Center’s interface.

As you get ultimately used with the software, it’s time to make a go for the new steps, like organizing teams, customizing forms, working with automation, setting and managing deadlines and much more.

What do Users Say?

Kayako is boasting about their substantial list of clients including Peugeot and NASA, and that means a lot. Yet it’s quite exciting what customers share about the pros and cons of working with Kayako in real life.

According to customer surveys on platforms like Software Advice, Capterra, G2 the services provided by Kayako are rated from 4.1 to 4.7 which is not bad at all. Favorite features include light and minimalistic design, email-based reporting and custom insights.

Customers find it great that Kayako makes internal and external communications easy. Also, flexibility is another winning point. For example, apart from ticket, incident, problem and complaint types of data entry, there can be created some custom fields as well.

The other most praised feature is the integration without coding and atomization of communication and tracking processes.

There are also things customers prefer to have. For example, users would like to get more customer feedback, improve linkages on tickets and add some colors.

As for the cons, they include the need to switch between admin/staff panels as the agent performs different roles, some missing features and some crowdedness on behalf of small teams.

Support Details

Kayako calls its workers “support heroes” and the company feels proud about their active and responsive customer support. You can get in touch with them directly on the website, by filling the standard contact form, enhanced by a couple of tags, and also or through Twitter, or other social accounts. Their support page has mountains of useful information, and their team is reported to be fast-helpers when it comes to bug and issues handling.

Kayako’s Alternatives

When comparing with other live-chat services, Kayako recommends taking into account the following features: native live chat, social media integrations, free collaborations, intelligent self-service, workflows, collision prevention, customer journey (ability to visualize it), SLA’s, time tracking, mobile SDK.

Kayako vs. Zendesk

Zendesk is the most similar to Kayako according to the above-mentioned criteria, and what it’s missing so far is a visualization of the customer’s journey and free collaboration. Yet, Zendesk offers more flexible prices and is also available to freelancers, while Kayako starts with the small teams. Kayako supports more device types, including Windows and Linux. Zendesk has received the Expert Choice 2018 Award from FinanceOnline. Also, Zendsek features pre-built Salesforce and Sugar CRM integrations.

Kayako vs. Help Scout

If we compare Kayako to the amiable simplicity of Help Scout we’ll also see that the latter misses some features, like native live chat, social media integrations, and customer journey visualization. Kayako also has more integrations available. Yet, Help Scout creates the personalized feel some customers adore and creates a home-friendly environment perfect for small and growing businesses.

Kayako vs. Intercom

The Intercom alternative to Kayako misses features like free collaborations and intelligent self-service, customer journey, time tracking, and in-app SLA. Yet, Intercom also has Facebook and Twitter integrations, native live chat, collision prevention, and mobile SDK. Intercom features simple CRM, help center and knowledge base and a shared inbox. However, their pricing starts at $49 a month which is $40 more than the cheapest Kayako option. Also, Kayako offers a free version to small teams of less than 3 clients, while Intercom offers only 14-day free trial. Intercom doesn’t support Linux and Windows Mobile. Being available for freelancers, it’s not available with big enterprises.

Kayako vs. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud features a plentiful of handy features like omnichannel support, smart routing, telephony integration, analytics and many more. It has a broader language base compared to Kayako, but also considerably higher prices starting from $25 a user monthly. It is available with the same range of devices as Kayako, with both platforms excluding Windows Mobile integration. Also, Salesforce is suitable primarily for medium and large businesses.

Kayako vs. HappyFox

HappyFox offers some great features like native live chat, collision prevention, and in-app’s SLA’s. It also has a mobile SDK. They have features missing from Kayako, like round-robin assignment, clone tickets, ability to mark comments and answers in the forums. Among Kayako’s benefits missing at HappyFox, we have Facebook and Twitter integrations, customer journey visualization and time tracking. Although HappyFox also has a free version, their minimum price starts at $29. All devices, including Windows Mobile, are a la carte.

As we see, the rat race in the pursuit of features never stops. Integrations, customizations, flexibility, price options are advertising a life-long mantra of modern culture: the more, the better. In fact, the secret of success lies in finding your thing. Good, that market includes a lot to choose from.

Additional information

Agent efficiency

Agent collision prevention, Bulk actions, Canned forms, Custom & Group Views, Dynamic content, Essentials Card, Filtered Search, Group your agents, Keyboard shortcuts, Light Agents, Macros, Mobile app, Multilingual (Multiple) content, Occasional agents, Personal canned responses, Private Comments within tickets, Responsive, mobile-friendly Help Center, Restricted conversation views, Tags



Customer relationship management

Contacts & Accounts Management, Contacts & ticket history, Custom user and organization fields, Customer 360, Customer journey, Customer profiles, Customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT), Group contacts by organization, Organization profiles

Help desk automation

Automatic ticket assignment using Dispatch'r, Custom business rules (triggers & automations), Event-triggered workflow automations, Time-based Rules, Time-triggered automations, Workflow automations

Help desk management

Business Hours, Custom status, Custom ticket fields, Multiple Ticket Forms, Service Level Agreement (SLA) management, Set your Time Zone, SLA reporting, Ticket file attachment size, Ticket sharing

Incident Management

Auto-suggest Solutions, Multiple SLA Policies

KB Customization

Branding removal (email), Branding removal (Help Center), Complete portal customization, CSS customization, Custom domain mapping, Public portal customization

Knowledge base management

Community forums, Help Center insights, Internal Help Center, Knowledge base, Related articles, Rich text Help Center articles, Unlimited data

Platform Integration

API rate limit, Email integration with Outlook, Endpoints, HubSpot Integration, Integration with Atlassian Jira, Private custom apps, Salesforce integration, Slack integration, Webhooks, Zapier integration

Platform Specific

Branding removal, Live chat proactive engagement rules, Shared organizations, Two-way email processing

Reporting & analytics

Advanced Insights, Analytics, Custom Reports, Export reports, Google Analytics for Help Center, Helpdesk in-depth report, Performance distribution, Schedule Data Export, Zendesk Benchmark


Advanced password policy for agents and customers, Audit logs, Business rules analysis, Content Delivery Network, Custom roles and permissions, Custom SSL certificates (default free), Data center location, Digitally signed emails (DKIM/DMARC), Disaster recovery, Domain Whitelisting, Encryption: data at rest and in motion, GDPR compliance, Guaranteed availability SLA (1 Hour Support SLA), Log in with Google, Network access restriction (IP Whitelisting), PCI compliance (Level 1), Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor compliant, Single sign-on (SSO) for web and mobile, SPF(Sender Policy Framework), SSL encryption, Two-Factor Authentication

Support for organizations

Calling, Customer Success Manager, Email Support, Facebook, Live chat, Multibrand Support, Phone Support (in English), SDK, Twitter

Ticket management

Custom Email Templates, Email forwarding, Email tickets, Mailboxes (inboxes), Merge tickets, Outbound email, Outgoing SMTP settings, Public and private notes in tickets, Satisfaction surveys – Customizable, Spam filtering, Support workflow, Time tracking


Backup, Community forums, Notifications, Printer-friendly, Unlimited End Users

5 reviews for Kayako

  1. Allison

    The relations with customers got better. Therefore, we received better control and better finances. Customers like us use Kayako, as now we can provide services 24/7.

  2. Selorm

    Kayako improved our engagement with the existing and potential customers, and also visitors looking for some customer services.

  3. Rodrigo C.

    We used another helpdesk before Kayako. Kayako is very serious, but the prices could be better.

  4. Christian M.

    It covers different handling activities, like ticketing, problem and complaint handling. If something is missing, it can be easily filled out by customization. All the necessary information is in their Knowledgebase. The tool is, and the web-interface is fully customizable. It could be great to have improved linkages.

  5. Amit

    Good overall experience. Kayako’s customer support team is amiable. Yet, they need to think through their price policy from the customer perspective.

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