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Help Scout is a cloud-like customer service platform being able to scale its toolset for businesses of any range and field. What makes it different from the systems on the market is no ticketing or portals for managing customer requests. Help Scout is built in an alternative way – as a shared mailbox that enables providing your customer service in the most human-like manner. However, it but doesn’t forget about your business management needs as well.

About Help Scout

Meet Help Scout – the cloud help desk platform with a scalable toolbox for businesses ranging from one-man-business to mid-sized enterprises. There is no ticketing or portals in this service, and that contrasts with the competitors. Help Scout is designed as a personalized email with a shared inbox to enable a quality customer service in a proper businesslike manner.Help Scout Dashboard
Dashboard in Help Scout with two mailboxes and a Docs siteAs the messages and support requests keep crowding in on your team, the agents handle them in multiple inboxes for a shared email address. These inboxes smoothly work across different departments, as well as can provide support for multiple products or brands from a single account.The platform also delivers the features that are proven to be fruitful for customer support teams. These features are saved replies (aka canned responses in other help desk software), private notes (to get help from a team member), collision detection (to avoid two agents helping a single customer), and adding tags (to streamline the workflows and improve the reporting.) The analytics tool gives insights into the trends, spot the common issues, monitor the support agents' performance, and track the levels of customer happiness with your brand and product.As for the integration with third-party apps and business software, Help Scout supports the most popular providers. Plus, this platform is on the same wavelength with its clients and doesn’t limit this option only for the most expensive price tiers users. Overall, the pricing policy of Help Scout is flexible and can fit companies of various sizes.

Profile Details: Help Scout Advantages

The major difficulty with customer service is that support agents should communicate in a quick and personalized manner. The good help desk app assists in getting the message over to a customer clearly. And at the same time, your company is showing care about the value and significance of offered customer experience. Help Scout can knock your support service into shape with the personalized support, multi-channel support, enhanced in-house collaboration, workflow and automation, real-time reporting, and a short aboard process.

Personalized support instead of tickets

Help Scout steps aside from the standard ticketing system and offers a shared email address that distributes customer queries to multiple inboxes. There are no ticket queries, and therefore, customers don’t have to wait for the response from a support team. The main point is to focus the customer support on personalized conversations.

Add a required channel to multi-channel support

Help Scout delivers features that are centered on functionality – email, live chat, phone, and self-support – all can be managed from the mailbox view. Besides, the platform makes it possible to create and host a rich knowledge base for customers and docs for internal self-service.

The mailboxes and particularly email is a basis for customer support. As for the live chat, it is called Beacon in the Help Scout product line.


Beacon live chat interface. Source: Help Scout 

The live chat tool offers recommended knowledge base content to a customer before contacting the support team.  Also, the customer can select a communication channel: an email or a live chat conversation. Help Bot will help your customer to connect to the right support agent. There are two non-standard options:

  1. You can set the live chat window to appear on the page when there is a person ready to help. So a customer doesn’t need to wait and stare the three-dots gif that gives a glimmer of hope – somebody types the answer to the question on the other side of the screen.
  2. Another flexible customization of the live chat according to a purpose: (a) self-service, so a customer looks at the recommended articles before getting in touch with support, (b) neutral when a customer sees both options: helpful content and contact option, and (c) ask the first option comes before the recommended content.

Currently, there is no built-in phone support, but you can smoothly integrate a third-party call center app.

Enhanced in-house collaboration

The communication inside a team is as important as communication with customers. Help Scout is already primed with the features such as private notes with mentions, saved answers, tags for categorization, and collision detection to see in real-time who works with the customer request.

Traffic Cop

Real-time collision tracking in Help Scout. Source: Help Scout 

The advanced search helps to find the required information and handle issue resolution faster due to bulk actions, quick views, and customer profiles.

Workflows to streamline performance

Many support teams keep referring back to the problem of the routine tasks. Help Scout has a workflow option that can be applied to filtering emails, creating custom folders, and automation. The last one uses the if/then logic to

  • streamline customer request assigning
  • categorize conversations according to the topics
  • send follow-ups
  • filter emails
  • create custom folders
  • automate actions and the like.

Help Scout also offers 75 keyboard shortcuts to make it more comfortable and streamline the customer queries management. In case, you or any support agent got multiple messages from a single customer, and you can merge them into a single conversation.

Docs as Effective Help Center

For a good reason though – there is the real power in self-support portal, and Help Scout enables you with the Docs tool to create and brand your help center. With that said, you can build a support site that (a) will work on desktops, tablets, mobile phones, (b) has a built-in SSL support, (c) gets auto-generated sitemap and SEO features to configure articles, (d) can be customized with CSS (there is a number of color and formatting options.)

This tool from Help Scout product line is easily integrated with email and chat options to deliver quick instructions to customers. You also get a Docs report to get a close look at all areas of support service. It brings a handful of insights into the visitors, search trends, found and not found answers, and so on.

Collect the real-time insights

In all respects, the real-time reporting delivers information to catch the weak spots in support, track trends, and overall boost the performance of support agents. Also, the reporting option has a filter option to get insights according to multiple parameters (i.e., date, conversation mode, support agent, and so on.) Report API isn’t rigorous so that you can retrieve the metrics and reports valuable to business goals. Besides, you can export your data in CSV/XLS files.

More precisely, the reporting deals with conversations, email, chat, Docs, phone, company, and happiness — all for catching all major turning points in the workflow.

Conversations reports deal with the volume of requests, business hours, and the leading topics that bother customers.

Reports in Help Scout

Email reports bring the insights into a team’s email productivity, with general and first response, resolution, and handle time metrics.

Reports in Help Scout

Chat reports comprise such metrics as wait time, response time and duration.

Reports in Help Scout

Docs reports track the performance of articles via Beacon and knowledge base(s), It also includes the answer rate and time saved.

Reports in Help Scout

Phone reports show the summary of phone calls and who of support agents are leading in communication with customers.

Reports in Help Scout

Company reports track the overall efficiency of a help desk platform for a company and give data for analysis of each team and support agent performance.

Reports in Help Scout

Happiness reports use the customer feedbacks left after the issue have been fixed. This report measures the satisfaction level of the given service.

Reports in Help Scout

Quick getting aboard

With the widening a range of software you use, the learning curve of Help Scout will be short. The platform delivers an understandable and quite intuitive design for both – customers who seek for help, and support agents who are to give the answers and solutions. In case, you have tough internal standards of the support service, you can run live classes offered by Help Scout jumpstart to effective performance.

Use cases

A strict coherence and attention to functionality, as a rule, pay off. Here are a few of the actual examples of Help Scout’s value at support service problems solving.

Scenario 1: Gain Loyalty with a Personalized Service

Good customer service is personalized, fast, and friendly. So the form of an email instead of tickets looks more welcoming and humanlike. With Help Scout, you can find the customer request in the inbox and continue from where you left off.

Let’s say your customers have questions that require broad responses and some issues are quite similar. Help Scout will help you to explain the complex problems and use canned responses for being consistent in the answers. Moreover, the knowledge base articles can be suggested before the customer send a question or request to the support team. The reporting shows who handles the requests and what are the top issues customers face.

Scenario 2: How to Run Smooth Workflows

Help Scout is a universal help desk platform, but can easily handle eCommerce business needs. The multiple inboxes help to manage multiple categories like newsletter subscription, product questions, partner management, shopping questions, order adjustment, returns, and so on.

How to make sense of the incoming requests? The workflows with the if/then commands will help you to assign the requests to the right support agent and ensure the quick resolution. Besides, the automation can aid to organization, prioritization, and avoid re-direction of customer inquiries. The tag option will serve well for categorizing conversations, monitoring trends, and triggering workflows.

Scenario 3: Productivity Reports to Work Smarter

Let’s say your organization has lots of customers around the world and needs integration with Salesforce, Jira or other business software to strengthen the quality of support service. Help Scout bring the options of quality support, as well as real-time reporting and integrations. It also helps the whole team be on the same page with the updates and changes due to mentions, ticket following, and reports.

The broad customer audience in different timezones requires a large support agent team to handle the requests. However, you can use the productivity reports and API reporting for tracking the hours when customers come for help and set up corresponding working hours. That saves time, and the team won’t need to work 24/7 and set auto-replies when out of the office.

Scenario 4: Clear Request Distribution

The business keeps growing as well as the team, and you need a help desk platform that scales up correspondently. Help Scout is the software that is efficient at the very beginning as offering a short learning curve, and on the business-and-team growth stage preserving a human, personalized, customer support experience.

Being an email-based solution, the shared inbox is easy to handle requests and transparent for every team member. The option of a kind of an agent collision shows who currently working with a ticket. The tandem of agent collision and mention improves the collaborating on customer responses. Plus, the workflows and tags handle the routine of the prioritization and assigning requests – what on the whole makes everything work more efficiently.

Qualifications: Features in Price Tiers

In such a vast and complex market, the help desk providers offer different pricing plans with varied toolsets to meet the small and mid-sized business needs more precisely. Help Scout isn’t the exception. The vendor delivers four price tiers, 15-day trial, require no credit card, and guarantees 30 days money back.

Basic Plan

$12/user/mo (annual billing) and $15/user/mo (monthly billing)

The businesses with low ticket volume and those who set off the customer service will find this price tier suitable and efficient. It is supposed to serve small teams ranging from two to ten agents.

Basic comes with

  • one mailbox (the whole team will work through a single mailbox = one email address)
  • one Docs site (means one knowledge base with FAQs, articles, and so on)


Reports show data and analytics for 30 days of tickets. As for the messages and storage space, they are unlimited. The help desk is available on iOS & Android apps.

Agents have at their disposal

  • saved replies (create reply templates)
  • @mentions (tag other agents to get quick help or share the case)
  • follow tickets (and get notifications on the updates)
  • Beacon 2.0 with chat (allows customers to get help right away from the website page)


Standard Plan

$20/user/mo (annual billing) and $25/user/mo (monthly billing)

Here are presented reports, automation, and integrations for support teams that go from two members. If you receive a considerable ticket volume, then this toolbox will serve for you.

  • 5 shared mailboxes what makes possible to categorize support requests or work with different brands
  • one Docs site. If you want more sites, it will cost you $20/site/mo

As for the messages and storage space, they are unlimited. Reports show the full account’s data and analytics. Plus, satisfaction rating aid in tracking a team’s performance via the results of satisfaction surveys. There is enabled API, custom apps, and 50+ integrations. The help desk is available on iOS & Android apps.

Agents have at their disposal

  • saved replies (create reply templates)
  • @mentions (tag other agents to get quick help or share the case)
  • follow tickets (and get notifications on the updates)
  • Beacon 2.0 with chat (allows customers to get help right away from the website page)
  • Automation (help to streamline actions with triggers and if/then logic)
  • Workflows (filter emails, create custom folders and automate actions)


Plus Plan

$32/user/mo (annual billing) and $40/user/mo (monthly billing)

The plan delivers the Standard Plan toolbox strengthened by additional features and advanced analytics. This Help Scout version has

  • 25 shared mailboxes
  • 5 Docs sites. If you want more sites, it will cost you $20/site/mo
  • Custom fields for additional categorization of customer queries
  • Custom teams for better requests managing and quick and quality issue resolusion
  • Integration with Salesforce, Jira, and HubSpot
  • Available HIPAA compliance and SSO/SAML authentication


Company Plan

1K/month (only annual payment) for the first year. The further renew has a flat cost – $40/user.

The price tier is designed for teams with 25+ agents and comes with features to deliver personalized service and enterprise security. Here are all Plus Plan functionality, and

  • Unlimited shared mailboxes
  • Unlimited Docs sites
  • Flexible users for one low price
  • Onboarding services
  • Dedicated account manager
  • IP address restrictions and SSO


Hobbies: App Marketplace

Help Scout Marketplace

Help Scout App Directory. 

Integration with the third-party apps became a requirement, and that’s a hard fact. Help Scout chimes perfectly with nearly 50 various software that give support to your business in

  • Apps (Docs, Webhooks, Voicemail, Custom Apps)
  • Analytics (Mixpanel, KissMetrics, FullStory, Churn Buster,, Fivetran, Clockify)
  • CRM (Salesforce (available in Plus plan), Pipedrive, Highrise, Capsule, Pipelinedeals, HubSpot (available in Plus plan), PieSync, AgileCRM, OnePageCRM)
  • eCommerce (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Metorik, Freshbooks, ChargeDesk, and you can use Zapier to integrate Help Scout with LemponStand, SamCart, and Salesmachine)
  • Marketing (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Bronto, Klaviyo, and InfusionSoft)
  • Support (Hively, Nicereply, WordPress, Qualitista, Lorad, AppFollow, and you can use Zapier to integrate Help Scout with Wufoo, Survey Funnel, Intercom, Gravity Forms)
  • Utilities (BriteVerify, Zapier, Help Desk Migration, Google Apps, and you can use Zapier to integrate Help Scout with Zengine, SurveyGizmo, Pushover, Process Street, MySQL, LinquidPlanner, Google Sheets, Geckoboard, Flowdock, Fleep, Cyfe, and ContactUs)

Awards and Certificates

Help Scout has relevant security certifications like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that is available at Plus plan (doesn’t applicable to Docs), PCI DSS standards, TLS encryption on all inbound and outbound email. Besides, the vendor enables the encryption of sensitive data, HTTPS for all pages and data backup. The platform has options of GDPR Readiness, EU/US Privacy Shield, and Swiss/US Privacy Shield.

Education Options

The Help Scout customers can contact them by sending an email via chat widget or chat in real-time. The support works on a schedule 24×6.

The help desk vendor also delivers the educational environment which is presented by live classes and blog resources. These resources will give guidance to the best practices in

  • customer support skills (the tips, how-tos, and tools for delivering an essential toolset for customer service and tech support reps)
  • designing knowledge bases (that guides will be helpful for those who just starts the designing of a knowledge base, and for those who is considering migration of the current knowledge base)
  • messages and chat (aims to help support teams in planning and developing messages tone and content for chatbots, live chat, and messaging channels)
  • customer support benchmarks (deals with tools and instructions for measuring the quality of the customer service against the in-house standards and industry benchmarks)

Additional information

Agent efficiency

Agent collision prevention, Auto Bcc, Bulk actions, Edit/hide threads, Email signatures, Filtered Search, Group your agents, Interaction History (Ticket activities), Keyboard shortcuts, Macros, Mobile app, Multilingual (Multiple) content, Personal canned responses, Private Comments within tickets, Responsive, mobile-friendly Help Center, Shared canned responses, Tags, Traffic cop



Customer relationship management

Contact Form, Contacts & Accounts Management, Contacts & ticket history, Customer 360, Customer profiles, Customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT)

Help desk automation

Auto reply, Automatic ticket assignment using Dispatch'r, Custom business rules (triggers & automations), Event-triggered workflow automations, Multi-task workflows with one-touch Scenarios, Time-based Rules, Time-triggered automations, Workflow automations

Help desk management

Business Hours, Custom ticket fields, Set your Time Zone, Ticket file attachment size, Ticket sharing

Incident Management

Auto-suggest Solutions

KB Customization

Branding removal (email), Complete portal customization, CSS customization, Custom domain mapping, Public portal customization

Knowledge base management

301 Redirection, Internal Help Center, Knowledge base, Related articles, Rich text Help Center articles, SEO, Unlimited data

Platform Integration

API rate limit, Cloud telephony integration app, Email integration with Outlook, Google Apps (G Suite), HubSpot Integration, Integration with Atlassian Jira, Integrations, Salesforce integration, Slack integration, Webhooks, Zapier integration

Platform Specific

Beacon builder, Javascript API, Open tracking, Update conversations remotely

Reporting & analytics

Analytics, Custom Reports, Export reports, Google Analytics for Help Center, Helpdesk in-depth report, Performance distribution, Save reports, Ticket drill down in reports, Tickets closed reports, User-specific reporting


Ability to configure for HIPAA, Business rules analysis, Custom roles and permissions, Digitally signed emails (DKIM/DMARC), Disaster recovery, Domain Whitelisting, Encryption: data at rest and in motion, GDPR compliance, Guaranteed availability SLA (1 Hour Support SLA), Independently Tested, Log in with Google, Network access restriction (IP Whitelisting), PCI compliance (Level 1), Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor compliant, Single sign on with SAML, Single sign-on (SSO) for web and mobile, SPF(Sender Policy Framework), SSL encryption, Two-Factor Authentication

Support for organizations

Calling, Live chat, Multibrand Support, SDK

Ticket management

Email forwarding, Mailboxes (inboxes), Merge tickets, Outbound email, Outgoing SMTP settings, Public and private notes in tickets, Spam filtering


Automatic sitemap generation, Backup, Date comparisons, Notifications, Printer-friendly, Unlimited End Users, Voicemail integration

6 reviews for Help Scout

  1. Micheal L

    Help Scout brings a two-fold benefit: (a) it is a cost-effective and functional platform that serves as the internal IT help desk, and (b) the integration with Shopify and MailChimp delivers all necessary customer data to provide a quick response to customer inquiries. The saved replies and tagging features also proved the value in the workflow and conversation assigning. The reporting performs its key task and shows data on conversation volume and agents performance.

  2. Robert B

    Help Scout works for the customer support team as good as for the success and billing teams. The platform enables multiple shared inboxes that bring both: transparency and personalization. The advantages are the assigning and following conversations, mentions and private notes for internal reference. As for the Docs option, more customization would be great.

  3. James H

    In case, you figure out that the support service team has a weak spot in response times, then Help Scout will help to deal with it effectively. The platform is intuitive and offers free training to learn how to use most of it. The shared mailbox and collaboration options boost the quality of responses. Besides, saved replies is a savior for repetitive questions.

  4. Anonymous

    The significant benefit of Help Scout is the transparency of the customer inquiries what keeps all support agents on the same page. The platform enables easy search and review of the past conversations. This option and saved replies come as a useful reference for the support team. However, the customization options may be not quite extensive in terms of colors.

  5. Administrator

    Help Scout proves to be efficient for managing IT requests inside the company. If you want to reduce the ticket number, automate the routine, and boost the collaboration, this help desk is just the job. The options of following tickets, merging issues, notes, tags, and automation turned out to be the most used and useful.

  6. Peter C

    Switching the support service from Gmail to Help Scout brought better transparency of the customer requests and streamlined the responses. The personalized and quick replies added up to customer loyalty.

    The adoption of Help Scout doesn’t require training as it is quite intuitive. The conversations get shared across the executive team, sales, support, customer onboarding, and engineering teams and keep everyone on the same page. And the main goal – to provide efficient support to free and paying customers – successfully achieved.

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