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Service Hub is a new software solution created by HubSpot which is concentrated on business workflow management for improving customer experience and general satisfaction level. The platform contains a set of advanced tools which can help any support team automate a big part of their workflow while understanding and improving relationships with customers.

About HubSpot Service Hub

Together with other solutions from HubSpot (Marketing, Sales, and CRM), you get the hang of a full toolset to receive the view on your business from every side and consequently, improve the smallest disadvantages from any of these prospects. Moreover, marketing, sales, and support team will all be able to easily communicate and collaborate within one platform, so they will definitely receive enough updates to provide excellent customer service.Service Hub is a part of one massive plan to build ways of delivering outstanding customer experience. A reason that HubSpot produces all these solutions is modern requirements to support have raised immensely. Customer expectations are higher than ever leaving businesses zero chance if something goes wrong. So, keeping your customers happy can become a real challenge for any company and without right toolset, you won’t be able to treat the customers in the way they want to.

However, now there’s HubSpot Service hub which is aimed at making customers happy and satisfied. And, if everything goes great, you will also be able to turn the passive users to active brand promoters which will deliver great feedback and ensure trust in your potential customers.

To begin with, you can start with systematization and management of your support representatives’ workflow. Then, they will be able to approach customers in the right way and respond any their issue correctly. Afterward, you will push them to the main Inbound Service Framework which means engaging, guiding, and growing your customers and thus, extending your experience while developing the right strategies and practices.

Overview of HubSpot Service Hub benefits

There are several great tools within this one platform, so let’s take a look at them.


Customers use a number of different channels to communicate with businesses. In this case, restricting your support to only one way of reaching the support team can drastically reduce the number of customer requests. That’s because some customers prefer calling to address their issue, however, others might find it inconvenient, and won’t even try to reach for your team. So, your company surely has to provide multi-channel support for their customers.

That’s why HubSpot added Conversations feature. It is important to have ticket management in one single dashboard – no matter what channel they come from. When agents respond to a request, the answer will also come through the same channel it came in.

HubSpot Service Hub Conversations

Conversations view and creating a new ticket in HubSpot Service Hub. Source: HubSpot

Conversations solution makes it a piece of cake to add new channels or communicate and collaborate with employees from other departments in one spot. And a universal inbox will help to form a single view on your customers for all your teams so that they can assist each other while solving the customer’s problem.

The Conversations tool originates from CRM systems. CRM’s are aimed at tracking the info on customers from all three standpoints: sales, marketing, and support. So, they are full of customer context and agents will always know who they are talking to and what your company knows about them.


Without proper organization, ticket queries can get out of control, become scattered and hard-to-find. That’s why Service Hub offers another great function – ticketing system. It offers request tracking, ordering, agent collaborating, and providing the best for customer’s needs and expectations.

HubSpot Service Hub Ticketing

Ticketing system in Service Hub in the form of a board. Source: HubSpot

Tickets are automatically created from direct conversations, emails, social media, or a new support request form. They all come together on one ticket board, so your agents are able to see which customers have an open issue to start working on the solution immediately. Or, if you want them to be assigned to a specific agent, you also can do that! Just select and adjust the correct routing, so a certain agent will know that this issue is addressed to him personally. With this function, it is possible to organize a powerful help desk systems that make your company scale at customer service and grow.

The other problem in customer support is answering repetitive questions and requests. It’s not the best use of your precious time, especially when we talk about keeping up with high customer expectations.

An easy and effective solution would be a division of tickets by trends and creating articles with answers or solutions to them. Then you just need to organize them into a well-structured Knowledge Base, which is another great tool of Service Hub.

Using Knowledge Base, your customers will be able to find the best solution for them without having to turn for help from your agents. It is beneficial for everyone and does a lot of dull and exhaustive work from you.

HubSpot Service Hub Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base management tab with all article views. Source: HubSpot

Then, you can create a special reporting dashboard. With its help, you will be able to see the valuable insights to discover how well a certain knowledge base article is solving the issues and etc. These insights are based on the customers’ feedback which they can leave in special fields, after reading the article. Create and use a series of surveys for your customers to answer – they can be in a form from 20-question annual NPS Survey to a simple yes-or-no question.


The previous features are aimed at improving your customer service and meeting the highest customer expectations. But what can you do, when your system is already well-organized? HubSpot also took care of this and provided an ability to form well-built strategies for your team. This way you will certainly get your service to a brand-new level.

HubSpot Service Hub Customer Feedback

Managing customer feedback using a surveying tool in HubSpot. Source: HubSpot

A customer feedback tool was created to help you better understand your customers. To achieve this goal, you have to start with creating a number of surveys. They will help you capture qualitative feedback from your customers. Surveys of any type are possible to create in your Service Hub dashboard, so why not go for it?

HubSpot Service Hub Surveys

Different types of customer surveys in the Customer Feedback tool. Source: HubSpot.

The next step is analyzing the customer satisfaction insights based on the data you received. We will tell more about data analysis later.

For better results, you can create a survey plan to regularly scan and recognize common customer issues and then steer all your efforts towards them.

Later, you will be able to take advantage of all these data and insights you collect. Firstly, you will know who is your brand’s biggest promoters are. Then, you can build your marketing strategies and tactics based on them, so you help your customers tell the world who you are and what you do. Don’t forget, that customers rely the most on the advice from their friends, family, or at least “ordinary” clients who decided to share their experience. So, such a method will become the most cost-effective and effective promotion at the same time. Just let your customers write reviews, share impressions in social media, or express their opinion in the case study.


With Service Hub, you already have the tickets management, knowledge base, and customer feedback on the flow. What’s next?

HubSpot Service Hub Analytics

Analysis of the tickets by source criterion in the Reporting Dashboard. Source: HubSpot

You can analyze and also get the use of it! A reporting dashboard can get you a number of things, including:

  • As to tickets organization, it is much easier with the reporting dashboard. Get access to reports and divide the source, average response time, current status, and volume of the tickets over time. They will give you a general idea of how loaded your support reps are, the effectiveness of their work, and the channel that works best with your company and clients.
  • After you create a Knowledge Base and fill it up with the useful articles, you will also start collecting data in your dashboard. With reporting feature, you will get the reports on such info as views, most and least popular articles, what is searched more often, etc. As in the previous situation, you can use this data to optimize your Knowledge Base, so you cover any problem and all the articles can fully solve the issue.
  • When the survey data is pounding in your dashboard, you can get several useful and important reports including the NPS, feedback over time, and feedback breakdown by sentiment. Use them to compare and examine the health of your customer base and discover the actions you must take to keep your customer support at a high level.

Overview of HubSpot Service Hub Features

  • Ticketing
  • Automation
  • Routing
  • Live Chat
  • Conversations dashboard
  • Conversational Bots
  • Knowledge Base
  • Reporting
  • Contact organization
  • Contact and company Insights
  • Feedback
  • Multi-channel support
  • Integrations
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Team emailing
  • Email tracking, templates, and sequences

What Problems Will HubSpot Service Hub Solve?

Communicating and engaging customers at the same time

The Conversations feature is exactly what you need in this situation. It allows you to manage one-to-one communication with customers in an ultimate universal inbox, where you can track the requests from multiple channels. Moreover, they are accessible for your whole team so they can collaborate and work more effectively. With such approach you’ll also have more conversations that go deeper and help to learn more about each customer.

Customer support takes too much time

Automation and routing tools enable you to streamline your customer service processes, using ticket escalation and task creation. Easily organize, prioritize, and track all your tickets from chats and emails in one single dashboard, accessible to the whole team.

It’s difficult to qualify and quantify the performance of the support team

There are analysis and reporting capabilities that will help you to measure the influence of your support team’s efforts spent on resolving certain issues. With reporting tools, it is very simple to analyze the data you get from any source and turn it into insights.

Customers don’t find the business as a reliable source

There are feedback and advocacy tools that help businesses understand their customers in order to improve the customer experience. They will enable to identify satisfied clients that are ready and have a desire to share it with the world. And with Service Hub, asking your happy customers for participation in advocacy campaigns or case studies is easy as ever.

Agents spend too much time on answering similar questions

A knowledge base is an efficient Service Hub solution to let your customers help themselves. It’s an advanced library of support articles that help customers quickly find the information they need, also suggesting what else you can do to improve the Knowledge base based on the insights.

Awards and Certificates

Today, thousands of customers in more than 100 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to improve and develop their relationships with customers. And it’s natural that company of such level received numerous awards and recognized by such services most reliable report services. Among them are:

Best Software Company by G2 Crowd in 2019

The G2 Crowd’s list names the best software companies in 2019 and is based on the reviews from hundreds of thousands of real users. Based on reliable data, G2 Crowd revealed which companies are doing the best job of helping businesses reach their potential.

Best CRM Lead Management Software by Gartner Peer insights customers’ choice in 2018

Gartner, Inc. announced HubSpot as one of the best CRM for Lead Management based on customer insights. The reviewers submitted their opinions and comments on different vendors on a number of criteria. So, now we know what the company offers enough marketing automation applications and CRM suites, and provides high-value opportunities for businesses of any range.

100 Best Companies to work for by Fortune in 2019

All companies on the list are working towards building an exceptional workflow environment for their employees. HubSpot believes that creating a great working environment for employees is a crucial factor for any business and it means making your employees satisfied. And happy satisfied employees can’t but provide the best support for their customers taking the customer experience on the highest level.

Best Marketing and Sales Tools for Startups in 2019

HubSpot has tools to manage all parts of a sales funnel to help increase traffic, leads, and close deals. The platform is robust and reliable, and many startups were happy to choose it because they are sure it will scale as their company grows.

How Much Does HubSpot Service Hub Cost?

HubSpot Service Hub offers one free and 3 paid plans each having its own set of customer service tools:

  • Free.
  • Starter (from 50$/month with 1 user).
  • Professional (from 400$/month with 5 users).
  • Enterprise (from 1,200$/month with 10 users).

You can choose the number of users and additional features to each plan. However, it will affect the pricing. You can always check the ultimate sum of pricing for your plan before paying anything.

User Satisfaction

We understand that you may be interested not only in reviews from professionals but also in feedback from real people who wanted to share their experience and general impressions working with HubSpot Service Hub. That’s why we gathered customers’ reviews and prepared a list of features which users liked and disliked the most about Service Hub:


  • Everything is laid out in a simple way, so there are no difficulties in understanding and further using the platform.
  • Their support is available at all times and in the majority of cases will answer with a quick and easy-to-get a response.
  • Everything is in one place so that users don’t have to reach any additional applications to do any part of their work. Everything required can be done in a single dashboard.
  • Analyzing customers and getting the insights is very useful for the majority of reviewers as this is the way they can really understand and connect with their customers.


  • The pricing plans seem a little unaffordable for small and medium-sized companies
  • Sometimes there are small bugs in the system’s workflow, however, HubSpot quickly improves the very smallest thing after customers’ notes
  • Social media channels can update and adapt to changes more slowly than the users would like to

Technical Details

Here are some details about the technical peculiarities of working with HubSpot Service Cloud.

Supported devices:

  • Mac/iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Web-based platforms


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French

Payment type:

  • Monthly

Company’s size:

  • Small business
  • Medium-sized business
  • Large enterprise


  • Open API
  • Cloud-hosted

How to get started with HubSpot Service Hub?

Starting with the HubSpot Service Hub may be a little frustrating for those who are not acquainted with the platform enough. So, here are some things you should consider doing before beginning to work with this platform.

First of all, you have to set up your company’s account and adjust it as you need. For instance, prepare the required number of users, organize them into teams, and connect your current inbox channels to HubSpot so you continue receiving requests in your new account.

The next step is importing the data from your old platform (or inbox) to your HubSpot account. Conduct several trial migrations and carefully check out if all of your data is present and preserves the same structural relations.

The last thing you should do before setting off with your HubSpot account is to get the hang of its tools and adjust them to your needs. In this phase, it’s just the right time to dig into the peculiarities of all the features we listed before in order to be able to enhance your productivity to the utmost.

Support Channels

  • Phone
  • Live Chat
  • Omnichannel social media requests from:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube (only for Marketing Hub Enterprise users)
  • Submitting a ticket (email).

HubSpot Alternatives

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a platform for providing customer service and support that offers its users fast and reliable case resolution. Using it, businesses deliver a smarter service with a whole view on every customer, resolve issues across any of the chosen channels, and generally increase customer satisfaction level. The whole business is got together with all departments collaborating while working with customers.


The main reason why Freshdesk help desk software was created is to make using business software comfortable. Ready to go, easy to use, with minimal and simple-to-adapt customization requirements, and with a set of basic tools needed for enhancing your customer service. The main distinctive feature of Freshdesk – it is affordable even for small startup companies. If you want to provide world-class customer support but not ready to use complex software which will cost you a fortune – then Freshdesk is a perfect choice.


The help desk platform was made up for powerful and flexible customer service and engagement that will scale to any business’ needs. The thing is that every detail in this platform was created with customers in mind. Being a multi-channel help desk, it still manages requests from all sources in one inbox in the right order, improving the efficiency of any support service team. One of the unique benefits is the ability to customize almost everything so the dashboard matches the corporate style and represents the business indeed.

Zoho Desk

The addition to Zoho Support help desk software revealed to be a full efficient part of the suite of cloud-based apps. Having a reasonable pricing plan and an extensive feature set makes it a good value for money. Zoho Desk supports synchronization with other Zoho Support tools, which ensures the users of data completeness for better customer service. Moreover, the whole support team is able to collaborate together within the ticket or set up automations to avoid answering repetitive requests.

Additional information

Agent efficiency

Add reminders on to-dos, Auto Bcc, Bulk actions, Canned forms, Custom & Group Views, Dynamic content, Edit/hide threads, Email scheduling, Email signatures, Filtered Search, Group your agents, Interaction History (Ticket activities), Keyboard shortcuts, Macros, Mobile app, Personal canned responses, Private Comments within tickets, Restricted conversation views, Skills-based routing, To-dos

Customer relationship management

Contact Form, Contacts & Accounts Management, Contacts & ticket history, Custom user and organization fields, Customer 360, Customer Lists, Customer profiles, Customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT), Customer segments, Group contacts by organization, Net Promoter Score® Surveys (Feedback), Organization profiles

Help desk automation

Automatic ticket assignment using Dispatch'r, Custom business rules (triggers & automations), Event-triggered workflow automations, Multi-task workflows with one-touch Scenarios, Time-based Rules, Time-triggered automations, Workflow automations

Help desk management

Business Hours, Custom status, Custom ticket fields, Multiple Ticket Forms, Sandbox test environment, Service Level Agreement (SLA) management, Set your Time Zone, Ticket file attachment size

Incident Management

Task Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Purchase Order (PO) Management

KB Customization

Branding removal (email), Branding removal (Help Center), Complete portal customization, CSS customization, Custom domain mapping, FreshThemes gallery, Public portal customization

Knowledge base management

301 Redirection, Community forums, Help Center insights, Knowledge base, Related articles, Rich text Help Center articles, Unlimited data

Platform Integration

API rate limit, Cloud telephony integration app, Custom objects, Email integration with Outlook, Google Apps (G Suite), Integration with Atlassian Jira, Integrations, Private custom apps, Public apps (Marketplace), Salesforce integration, Slack integration, Webhooks, Zapier integration

Platform Specific

1:1 video creation & hosting, Call transcription, Documents, Email sequences, Goals, Open tracking, Playbooks, Sequence queues

Reporting & analytics

Agent Dashboard (Agent Scorecard), Analytics, Custom Reports, Export reports, Helpdesk in-depth report, Overview dashboard, Performance distribution, Save reports, Support Performance dashboards, Team Dashboards, Ticket drill down in reports, Ticket volume trends, Tickets closed reports


Audit logs, Custom email servers, Custom roles and permissions, Digitally signed emails (DKIM/DMARC), Disaster recovery, GDPR compliance, Log in with Google, Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor compliant, Single sign-on (SSO) for web and mobile, Two-Factor Authentication

Support for organizations

Calling, Chat Support (in English), Customer Success Manager, Email Support, Facebook, Guidance Program, Live chat, Phone Support (in English), Professional Services, Support Bot, Web Widget

Ticket management

Custom Email Templates, Email forwarding, Email tickets, Mailboxes (inboxes), Merge tickets, Outbound email, Outgoing SMTP settings, Satisfaction surveys – Customizable, Spam filtering, Support workflow, Ticket export, Watch tickets


Community forums, Facebook in-sync app, Multiple currencies, Notifications, Unlimited End Users

5 reviews for HubSpot Service Hub

  1. Karenny P

    Using HubSpot made it possible for me and my team to organize all the data considering our customers, link them and keep within our reach in just one click. Then, to be able to have the information of the company connected to each customer (including phone numbers, employees, page links, etc.) and reach it whenever you need is incredible. We could easily turn our agenda to the technological option with its functions as sending emails, assigning tasks, scheduling calls and many more. Any team member could use the platform from any device they like without restrictions. So, all these features together make HubSpot an amazing service to organize your customer support well.

    The only small disadvantages we’ve noticed are slow uploading of the information and crashing of the inbox from time to time. However, when refreshing the page, everything goes back to its place and is visible without any problems.

  2. Kevin W

    HubSpot was on its peak performance when they released new tools, improved their performance updates, and expanded integrations. I was really impressed me with its user-friendly interface as it really helps to concentrate on being more productive rather than wasting your time to figure out how the system works.

    With other help desks, you needed training just to start working with the platform and it truly didn’t occur that the productivity took place even after a few months after the setup.
    But with HubSpot, we were able to arrange and conduct campaigns within days after receiving access to the account.

    Another thing that is true, is that really listen to their customers and quickly respond to their issues providing the most effective solutions.

    On the surface, we have no complaints, and to describe some features that would really be worth adding I will have to go in a more technical way. For instance, they need to allow deal records to be updated from the contact record via the workflow. Also, it would be very useful to have a feature that would automatically log both incoming and outcoming calls. But, we think that HubSpot is already working on the features like these, so there’s nothing more to complain about.

  3. Carlo Raphael P

    The best thing is that this tool is user-friendly and has a social media-like interface. So, it was very simple for literally everyone from our team to get used to it – not only for employees in their 20th but also for senior team members. We liked every feature from its interface to functions.
    The other amazing thing was the simplicity and effectiveness of functions for communicating with customers. We easily reached our daily targets using HubSpot Service Hub.

    While we were using Service Hub we experienced one dilemma. It was cutting in and out the phone line because of intermittent internet connection. This issue significantly affected our communication with customers, although it was still not the problem only with Service Hub.

  4. Sasha W.

    In HubSpot Service Hub I like the ability to see the metrics considering how many times the particular email was opened, the number of deals created on its base. The other important feature is the reminders to follow up with customers via phone, email, or any other support channel. We were also able to see the monthly profits, targets, and many more important stats.

    I don’t like that it takes some time to manually create a task after the created deal which requires selecting a “follow-up date”. To my mind, it would be much more convenient if the tasks were automatically created after selecting the follow-up date it falls on.
    The other minor problem is that there is no reminder if one of the old customers wasn’t active for a very long time (for example, a year). Because of this, we can’t remove them from our system and the number of contacts kept in the system is limited. That’s why it’s not cost-effective to keep all of these customers in our customer base.

  5. Ana B

    The ability to see and have everything on a single dashboard makes it simpler to overlook, understand and manage all the data we have. From a single glance, the support team can see what is going on at the moment and how they can improve the situation.

    The other feature I like is that the system constantly keeps on developing and adding new facilities to its tool kit, like bots. Even though they aren’t included in our package price, the feature is still valuable and means that HubSpot is moving forward.

    At times, the help center is not as fast as we would like when it comes to replying or providing solutions. The support could really be better and faster.

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